quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2015

Soma de metades

I got myself saying, maybe too much, lately just sometimes love is just not enough. Different plans, different points of view or different times in your lives can make a relationship really hard and full of hurt and non said words.
But shouldn't love be enough? Shouldn't love make everything possible in any situation? Shouldn't love make you change your plans, or adapt yourself to the other (even if that sound crazy, specially coming from me). Shouldn't love make the time encounter at the space-time line and make everything work together?
When you look from outside, the situations are usually black or white, but inside of the huge grey area that relationships are, things can get a lot more complicated than what we've planned for ourselves.
Maybe if whatever you're feeling doesn't make you want to move mountains to see the relationship growing and find your own path, it's not love at all. It's about mutual self giving and donating for the good of the relation. But it evolves loss of time, patience and wonder, a lot of wonder of how things can or could be if you simply wouldn't have changed your path because of other human being full of doubts just like you.
People say that we are never 100% sure of what to do, or what way to follows, but love makes you think that things will be ok, even if everything goes wrong, if you are side by side with the one. 
But how to know if your doubt is acceptable to the love standards? How to know if your doubt is forgivable and it doesn't cancels all you feel for the other? 
My grey area tells me that risks must be taken in every aspect of your life, and love is definitely not out of if.
Love is enough, the real and all-hearted kind, but the only thing in sure is that 100% of the times, not-love is never enough.

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